Critical Linking: February 5th, 2014


100 Book to Read in a Lifetime: A Bucket List to Create a Well-Read Life

Interesting to compare this list from Amazon did with something similar I did awhile ago.


Every person who chooses to read books by women this year is a victory, no matter to whom go the spoils. Their money chips away at a book advance and helps convince an editor that she made the right call. Their online reviews give a young marketing assistant something to talk about in her next big meeting. Each reader is a small voice saying, what you have to contribute is important, what you have to say matters.

Whether you intend it or not, every reading choice you make contributes to what the world of books looks like.


Stephen King has a new novel scheduled to hit bookshelves in June.

Dubbed Mr. Mercedes, the upcoming novel from Scribner is a thriller set in a Midwestern town whose citizens are suffering from unemployment.

The guy is a machine.



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