Critical Linking: August 21, 2013


The New York Public Library is getting into the selfie game. They’ve brought photobooths to their halls, available for free for anyone to use. We’re told one is currently at the 42nd Street building, and another at the Mid-Manhattan Library across the street (which will soon start traveling around to other branches).

Kinda fun, but maybe spend the money on staff and collection development in the outer boroughs?


“While we have not yet seen harmful effects of eBook piracy and file sharing on our eBook portfolio, these are nevertheless considered serious topics,” Springer notes. In addition to the revelation above, the publisher later notes that torrent sites and other forms of file-sharing “rarely present a threat to eBook content.”

This is a publisher saying that ebook piracy isn’t a big deal. And that is a big deal.


Genene Jones, reportedly the inspiration behind Annie Wilkes, the “number one fan” from Stephen King’s Misery, is scheduled to be released on good behavior after serving 64 years of her 99-year sentence.

Sleep well tonight, friends.


Michael Huseby, who was appointed CEO of Nook Media after B&N CEO William Lynch resigned, noted in a statement that the company plans to release another Nook device this fall — and also said that the company will continue to sell Nook HD and HD+ tablets and develop both black and white and color devices. This seems to be a complete change in strategy from the announcement less than two months ago that Barnes & Noble would stop manufacturing tablets and focus on e-ink devices.

I think this is probably the right move, but there is a certain dog-chasing-its-tail feeling to B&N these days.


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