Critical Linking: May 22nd, 2013


Girls, not boys, in all three countries received more time from parents on three activities: reading, storytelling, and teaching letters and numbers.

Maybe boys aren’t as interested, and so the interest isn’t reinforced? Too squirrelly to keep still? Huh.


Ebook besteller lists will now appear only online, not in print. The reasoning behind this is a bit more tenuous, given the documented overlap between print and digital readers. Heavy readers, the kind likely to bother even glancing at bestseller lists, are reading in both formats. The real thought steering this might be that the digital bestsellers are so driven by pricing whims—99 cent ebooks feature heavily—that they have little bearing on literary culture outside of those lists.

What a strange decision.


Looking to transform Hollywood’s pile of unproduced scripts into publishable e-books, James West, a motion-picture industry entrepreneur, has launched Script Lit. The company licenses optioned, but never produced, scripts, to turn them into commercial fiction.

Fascinating idea. Some of the best storytellers in the world are working in film, but only a very small percentage of their work gets produced (and often for reasons totally separate from the quality of the story). Turning those stories into good books, though…..not that easy.


Australia’s Qantas Airlines is promoting the announcement of its extended flight routes by commissioning a series of books that last exactly as long as each flight. 

You know if Infinite Jest is waiting there on your seat for ya, you’ve got a ways to go.

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