Critical Linking: May 6th, 2013


Now, I happen to know a few people at magazines and newspapers; I’ve had novels published and I have an agent. But what is this experience like for Jane and John Q. Self-Publishing Author way out there in South Podunk, who don’t know anybody at all and who have zero connections? My heart goes out to them.

It does seem like those self-pub success stories you hear are like lottery winners in that the big ones get a headline, but the vast majority have to eat their tickets.


It’s shocking how long it took “The Great Gatsby’’ to be considered a classic.  It wasn’t until April 24, 1960, for example,  that The New York Times wrote: “It is probably safe now to say that it [The Great Gatsby] is a classic of twentieth-century American fiction.’’

It’s Gatsby week on the internet, so probably worth looking at the early days.


Would, for example, Phillip Roth [sic] ever be asked “Would you want to be friends with Portnoy?”

No he wouldn’t. Because no one in the history of anything would want to be friends with Portnoy.

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