Critical Linking: March 22, 2013

As for the slowing of the growth in ebooks, I would note that according to the latest numbers the yearly gain in ebook share is “only” 20.7 percent, while the overall market for publishers’ books is down. Adult hardcovers are down 21.5 percent. What direction are books headed in, then, print or digital?

Dropping k-nowledge.


 Gilbert and publisher Viking spent two months battling over the jacket. “I was going to be a diva and throw my weight around,” recalls Gilbert, until she realized: “There’s a very easy answer to this question.”

Which is why fans can view the three potential covers, which are now posted on Gilbert’s Facebook page.

This should be interesting.


But readers, I long for readers, the same kind that Mr. Yu accepts with a humility and a generosity that I find admirable. In the West we could learn from his lesson: More than money, a writer should hope for readers.

Amazing perspective.


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