Critical Linking: February 9, 2013

Reading and studying books that expose us, imaginatively and safely, to that trouble steels our souls to pull us through our own hard times and leads us to a greater empathy for the plight of our fellow human beings.

The Lake Braddock English Department got it right. Here’s hoping that the parents listen.


Fewer than 50 per cent of publications “always” copy edit their online stories, reported a 2009 study of U.S. newspapers for the Newspaper Research Journal. Just under 60 per cent of publications that don’t copy edit justified skipping this step because it would “delay posting.”

It’s more efficient to clean up the mess after it posts than to keep from making a mess in the first place?


A library without a librarian is a pile of books, it lacks a life spark, an essential curation and dynamic inspiration. 

And yet, these librarians came together to create unattended mini-libraries for communities in need.  I’d say some of that spark lingers on.


The bottom line: “Our results thus indicate that negative subjective assessments of readability for e-books and other digital texts are not a reflection of real-time information processing demands.”

In other words, when you’re reading digitally, you’re really reading.  Ergo, ebooks are REAL books.

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