Critical Linking: February 2, 2013

“I would not be faithful to the original intent of the novel if my translation made it easy to comprehend.”

It’s true. Finnegan’s Wake is famous for being hard to understand, but this sounds like someone is trying to explain away a sloppy translation.


It is one of the functions of intellectuals to express and amplify worry and discontent.

It somehow seems wrong to wish the NYRB a “happy” birthday.  So, congrats?


The irony is that actually if you take the ACT, there are questions about House on Mango Street on the test to get into college. So they’re not only infringing on civil rights but they’re sabotaging their students’ ability to compete on college entrance exams.

The Librotraficante movement is alive and well.


The language of football is sensual: consider the euphonic assonance of a pick-six or a squib kick, the sibilant whistle of pass interference. It is hard edged and muscular, brutal, abrupt.

It has been said that a football game is a thing of beauty. Maybe they’re right.

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