Critical Linking: October 12, 2012

There’s room for another category between individuals and major publishers, and that’s where The Magazine sits. It’s a multi-author, truly modern digital magazine that can appeal to an audience bigger than a niche but smaller than the readership of The New York Times. This is what a modern magazine can be, not a 300 MB stack of static page images laid out manually by 100 people.

From the guy who made Instapaper. Very interesting.


 In any case it’s evident that infinitives are now split so often and so freely that objection to the practice is futile.

If one  infinitive is saved because of my full-throated objection, then I will have not objected in vain.


Hilary Mantel is a strong presence among past Booker winners too – Wolf Hall, which won in 2009, comes second with takings of £5.4m and almost 631,000 copies sold. That’s only half the sales of Yann Martel’s novel, but Wolf Hall has sold more over the past year and may continue to gain.

Life of Pi is the most commercially successful Booker winner of all time. (I still can’t believe it won.)


The company is preparing a mobile app that will allow users to get unlimited access to a library of books for one monthly price. The app will combine discovery with access and reading, so users will be able to get recommendations and immediately begin reading. The app was designed from the ground up to optimize the reading experience on mobile devices.

We’ve long wondered about a Netflix/Spotify for books. Good luck, fellas.


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