Critical Linking: September 4th, 2012

But the only lasting solution is for readers to take possession of the process. The internet belongs to us all. Your honest and heartfelt reviews, good or bad, enthusiastic or disapproving,­ can drown out the phoney voices, and the underhanded tactics will be marginalized to the point of irrelevance. No single author, ­ however devious, ­ can compete with the whole community.

Well, maybe in aggregate this is true. But one author, sock-puppeting away, can flood the reviews of their own book to a degree that organic reader reviews can never compete with. Will this happen enough to erode buyer confidence in all reader reviews? That’s the big question.


I was bull-headed, full of hubris, and am now thoroughly embarrassed.

If you have a good editor, you too will feel like this.


“…the mechanisms of discovery of the online world are just as broken and biased as the ones in the analogue world, and guess what? That isn’t a surprise either, because both of these worlds are made of us, and we’re not unbiased.”

Hey, don’t come in here and throw moderation and perspective in my face! Dammit, this is the internet! We don’t allow that crap in here!


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