Critical Linking: May 18, 2012

To build the library, Leight began collecting donated new and used books from friends, schools, community organizations, and local bookstores. The effort was so successful that the shelter’s library now has multiple books for every child. And when families are back on their feet and able to leave the shelter, they’re invited take as many books with them as they want.

This kid absolutely and totally rules.


“Who can say who will be interested in a reverse sheep binding, or the inky fingerprint of a 15th century printer?”

Whatever that number is, you can go ahead and add one.


“Attempt anything pre-1900 and over 450 pages and your book club will shrivel up and die.”

Then again, maybe your book club should shrivel up and die.


But not all traditionally pubbed books are Pulitzer-worthy either. The difference is, when a traditional title garners negative reviews, only that book gets panned. No one cites examples of poorly written traditionally published books to support any conclusion about all traditional titles.

Fair enough, but the worst self-published books are so bad, so amazingly and embarassingly bad, that it makes even the worst books from big six publishers look canon-worthy.

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