The Week’s Most Popular Posts: February 13-17, 2012

Our most popular posts from the week that was…

“…their book will be featuring “100 bookshelves of 100 creative types—writers, artists, actors, filmmakers, chefs, graphic designers, and many more,” according to the site. Mount will provide the art, La Force the interviews. How rad is that?!”

From The Ideal Bookshelf by Wallace Yovetich


“3. Go to Hell, I’m Reading shirt: The folks at Murder By The Book are offering this “Go to Hell, I’m Reading” baseball shirt, available in two sets of colors.”

From Book Fetish XVII by Brenna Kalmer


“Surely such neurotic list-keeping must have some deep purpose, like the desire to immerse oneself in centuries of literary greatness, or to track the course of great literary minds over history, but no. I keep lists because crossing a title off it gives me a weird sense of satisfaction, like I’ve conquered something. TAKE THAT, LIST CREATORS WHO DO NOT KNOW I EXIST! I OWN YOU. Knowing for a fact that a handful of Literary Illuminati create each of these lists, and that they’re based on little real objective criteria, and that they’re probably biased toward the editor’s friends in publishing- these things affect me not. I must defeat the lists.”

From I Can Haz Lists? by Amanda Nelson


“I’ll never defeat all of my lists, but for me that isn’t really the point. The constant emphasis on what book is coming out right now, or this month, or this year sometimes makes me forget what an enormous and interesting backlist of books there is to explore. Picking a theme before diving in keeps me from getting lost in the virtual stacks while also helping recreate the sense of serendipity I love about perusing an idiosyncratically arranged used bookstore. I love making lists because they help me stay excited about reading, regardless of whether or not I actually get any reading done.”

From The Book Lists I’ll Never Read by Kim Ukura


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