CRITICAL LINKING: January 14, 2012

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


“I’ve read your first two books, and I love them. You are a wonderful writer. But you really should do something a little more interesting with your hair.”

Authors might be strange, but readers can give them a run for their money.


“There are loads of stupid myths about the English language. One of the things you hear, as I touched on a moment ago, is that the Americans are ruining English or that American English is worse. This is just an absurd thing to say. First of all, the things that people most complain about in American usage in many cases actually used to be standard British usage. Plus, one of the reasons that English is such an important world language is because of America’s political and cultural might in the 20th century. In some ways British people have benefited from that.”

Yea, so quit rubbish-talking, entire UK.


“Art that feels like a duty is probably bad art.”

I think this applies to literature as well. Sorry, Ulysses.



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