Book Fetish: Volume IV

Bookish things for those with a fetish for books. See previous entries here.


1. The Dictionary Wall: Apartment therapy offers a novel of a DIY project; the dictionary wall. Create an accent wall of postcards, pages of your favorite novel or an old-time dictionary. It sounds like once it’s up, it’s there to stay, so make sure this is something you’re going to want around for awhile.

2. Typestache Poster: Old Tom Foolery offers a field guide to typestaches with this poster. Personally, I’d like to meet a certain Mr. Century Ultra.

3. Trivial Pursuit, Book Lover’s Edition: The ultimate book trivia board game, make sure you’ve got your crazed book-loving friends around to play with you. Word on the street is that this game can stump the most versatile of English lit fantastics.

4. Novel Teas: If you are looking for a delicate oolong, you may want to keep looking. But, if you want a fun gift for your crazed, tea-drinking bibliophile friend, these fit the bill. Each tea bag is tagged with a literary quote, six varieties of quotes per pack.

5. In The Library Scent: Love the smell of your first edition Ethan Frome, but don’t want to carry it with you everywhere? Created by CB I Hate Perfume, this unisex scent smells like the library; a warm blend of English novel, Russian & Moroccan leather bindings, worn cloth and a hint of wood polish. Offered in perfumes, oils, and room sprays.

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