Book Fetish

Book Fetish: Volume LXXIX

Bookish things for those with a fetish for books. See previous entries here and follow us on Pinterest for even more goodness.

Atlas Shrugged Pencil Set: Pencils are going out of style, but where better to show off your affection (or hipstery disdain) for Ayn Rand’s classic novel?

atlas shrugged

Antique Card Catalog: Spending your summer redecorating? Full size vintage card catalogs are bank-breaking, but a small table-top version adds cheap(er) bookish flair.

card catalog

Penguin Classic Stair Decals: Though not officially affiliated with the Penguin hardcover classics, these decals turn any staircase into an ascending library.

stair decals

Novelista Personalized Cards: Get this sketch of a fashionista perched on a tower of books printed on folded note cards.


Dark Side of the Hallows Tee: The epic nerd purr this shirt invokes is second only to the site it’s housed on. ALL the nerdy shirts!



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