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8 of The Best Japanese Authors That You’ve Never Heard Of

Read your way into some of the most excellent Japanese and Japanese American authors out there.

Never Read Poetry? Here’s Where to Begin

Curious about the world of poetry but have no idea where to begin? We've got a guide to get you reading some of the best and most accessible poetry out there.

11 Book Club Picks For April 2024, From The Stacks To Subtle Asian Book Club

What are you reading for your next book club?

“Yes Means Yes,” and Other Ways Consent Is Sexy: A Quick Guide

Y'all, active, informed consent is where it's at. Just saying

8 of the Best Queer Sports Romance Books

Have you gotten into the glory that is sports romances yet?

The Best New Book Releases Out April 9, 2024

Get ready for a new historical fantasy by Leigh Bardugo, more space horror from S.A. Barnes, a trans YA romance, New Zealand poetry, and more.

8 Genre-Blending Nonfiction Books You Need To Read

Ever read science nonfiction that was also about family? Genre-blending nonfiction gifts that and more:

What Even Is This?: 8 Books That Blend & Transcend Genre

"Here's my hot bookish take: genre is fake."

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