Critical Linking: October 2, 2015

That’s what’s happened in Holmes’ case — three anonymous complaints, possibly brought by the same person, led officials to knock on her door this week. They told her to remove the library within a week or they would do it for her.

You have to be a special kind of joyless busybody to rat out your neighbors for having Little Free Library.


Lionsgate has won a bidding war to adapt Patrick Rothfuss’ The Kingkiller Chronicle series! And not just into a movie, or a television series—but both, and a video game, to boot! This deal sets up the studio to develop the multiple stories from The Name of the WindThe Wise Man’s Fear, and various novellas (including The Slow Regard of Silent Things) simultaneously and across multiple platforms.

Awesome news for a great author.


In fact, even before the performance, Goldsmith’s “brand” was in trouble. His PoMo for Dummies “no history because of the internet” declarations became absurdly irrelevant when black men were dying at the hands of cops. Goldsmith, who previously exhibited zero interest in race, saw that racism was a trending topic and decided to exploit it to foist himself back in the center and people roared back in response. Goldsmith, I kept saying, is one factor to this turbulent rift in the cultural landscape. Writers of color are not bit players in this man’s drama. Don’t whitewash this story, I urged him.

American poetry is changing–and it’s not in the hands of white men anymore.


It’s fair to say there’s QUITE a bit of excitement stirring at the news of Patrick Ness and Doctor Who, together, in a TV show.

Some of that excitement is coming from my house.


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