Critical Linking: February 11th, 2013


Amazon Coins are basically restricted cash that can only be spent in the Kindle Fire ecosystem, And Amazon is going to use them the way some athletes use steroids – to boost performance and inject a burst into their ecosystem. Aside from the obvious benefits of putting free cash in the hands of consumers, this could also enable some other really interesting product combinations for Amazon

The most interesting part of this to me is that a user could earn “coins” by doing things like reviewing/sharing/rating–activity which has real value and can be motivated by this internal currency. 


I think the enduring power of the librarian stereotype and her role in the collective sexual imagination draws from this place in the psyche. We discard the de-sexualizing elements of the stereotype (frumpiness, old age) and retain elements of authority (conservative work “uniform”, glasses). The result is a sexualized power image that clearly appeals to both men and women.



I have never been to war, but bullfighting as an approximation for it only makes sense to me in that both activities are draped in flags and often based on antiquated ideas.

Against Hemingway’s representation of the ceremonial butchering of livestock by people wearing tight clothes and funny hats.


In three-hours of often acerbic testimony in a federal courtroom in Boston Friday, Cornwell blamed New York-based money managers Anchin, Block and Anchin LLP for a series of renovation mishaps, bad real estate deals and risky investments that forced her to sell off her cars, helicopter and several homes in order to reduce her debt.


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