Critical Linking: November 27, 2012


Marco is not just a publishing-interested engineer, he’s a subcompact publishing magnate. He lives happily outside of anything resembling the incumbent big-P infrastructure. And from this removed stance he produces podcasts, a magazine, a reading application, and curated reading lists … all using simple tools wrapped in minimal containers.

Marco Arment’s The Magazine is just about the most interesting thing I’ve seen in non-publishing for a couple of years.


It was at this point that I said to myself (and others) that I would never bother selling through Amazon again. Why bother?

But then I started compiling numbers for this very blog post and I started to see some trends that caught my attention.

Cheers to those out there willing to share hard data about selling their books.


It’s a fantastic book that collects 82 short essays from noted authors on their best loved bookshops, whether obvious or out of the way, with great illustrations by Leif Parsons.

It’s no surprise that writers love bookstores, but still cool to hear about first-hand.


Days after the storm laid waste to four Queens Borough Public Library branches in the Rockaways, a colorful mobile library bus has hummed just outside its former location on Rockaway Beach Boulevard, offering warmth, power outlets, emergency information and books.

Someone please turn this into a children’s book. Like, yesterday.

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