Critical Linking: March 9, 2012

“This is a timed test, but read at your natural pace and do not skim.”

How did you do?


“Which 19-year-old Elvis Costello fan published his nihilistic debut in 1989 to instant acclaim?”

So much about this question makes me angry.


“Will literary fiction be the vinyl of publishing? Maybe.”

Isn’t it sort of already?


“My personal favorite part of the survey continues to be the last optional question: define DRM in your own words. 61% answered, 80% of them with a genuine–or attempted–definition. 17% of those who did answer admitted that they had no idea. (My favorite of the non-definitions was “doodle rat muffin.”) The answers are definitely worth taking a look through, as they betray a wide range of emotional responses to digital rights management, as well as confusion on who controls it and whom it is supposed to benefit.”

Dammit, I didn’t know she’d use my answer to what DRM means verbatim?!


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