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Book Fetish: Volume 348—Comics Edition

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Captain Marvel Goose Goodies You Need in Your Life

Enamel pins, mugs, t-shirts, and stickers--you'd have to be Flerken out there to pass up on these awesome Goose goodies you need in your life!

Books and Looks For Your Night With Captain Marvel

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Quiz: Which Captain Marvel Are You?

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Book Fetish: Volume 340

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A Tale of Two Captains Marvel: Carol vs. Billy

If, in the course of discussing this spring's Marvel and DC cinematic offerings someone asks you which Captain Marvel you're talking about, remind them there can be, and is, only one.

First Full-Length CAPTAIN MARVEL Trailer is Here

Krees? Skrulls? Freaking awesome powers? CHECK! Not to mention Nick Fury baby talks to a cat. We are so here for Carol Danvers.

The First Captain Marvel Trailer Is Here and It’s Everything

The first look at Brie Larson's Carol Danvers is here and it's amazing.

What To Know About Captain Marvel

Before Brie Larson dons her red, gold, and blue jumpsuit as the beloved superhero, here's what to know before watching the 2019 Captain Marvel movie.