Hey YA

From great new books to favorite classic reads, from news to the latest in on-screen adaptations, the Hey YA podcast is here to elevate the exciting world of young adult lit.

Episode 107.5Hey YA Extra Credit: Stunning Graphic Novels to TBR

Tirzah recommends three YA graphic novels from her 2021 reading.

Episode 107Not To Be Shady Or Anything

Tirzah Price is reintroduced to the show as she and Erica discuss some YA news, 2021 releases that were overlooked, as well as a few must-not-miss end of the year releases.

Episode 106.5Hey YA Extra Credit: See You, Space Cowboy

Erica talks a little about what she finds appealing about space operas and gets into a few YA titles.

Episode 106I Don’t Have Geometry In My Romance

Kelly and Erica dive into short stories, new and forthcoming YA nonfiction, and Kelly offers her final sign-off.

Episode 105.5Hey YA Extra Credit: Diverse Titles in Translation

Erica discusses YA novels from all over the world— a few of which have won awards— that have been translated into English.

Episode 105The Incendiary Opinion Episode

Kelly and Erica get a little spicy as they discuss some wonderful YA retellings as well as books that take place in areas outside of Europe and the United States.

Episode 104.5Hey YA Extra Credit: Chatting BSC on Netflix with Amma Marfo

Kelly and guest Amma Marfo talk about The Baby-Sitters Club, Season Two.

Episode 104I’m a Cancer, How About You?

Kelly and Erica dive into recent YA books that explore mental health and highlight some really pretty graphic novels.

Episode 103.5Hey YA Extra Credit: The Career Novel

Kelly offers a history of the YA career novel.

Episode 103The Haviest of the Haves

Jenn from Book Riot's Get Booked podcast joins Erica to discuss the current state of dystopian YA compared to the Hunger Games era.