Hey YA

From great new books to favorite classic reads, from news to the latest in on-screen adaptations, the Hey YA podcast is here to elevate the exciting world of young adult lit.

Episode 94.5Community is Everything

Tirzah talks about the fifth anniversary edition of an important queer YA book!

Episode 94We Murdered No One, and There Were No Bacchanals

Episode 93.5Were You An Extracurriculars Teen or After School Job Teen?

This week on Hey YA: Extra Credit, Tirzah talks about some great YA books that highlight working class teens with jobs!

Episode 93It Doesn’t Add Up, and It’s Not Because I’m Bad at Math

Hannah and Tirzah talk generation gaps, chronological problems, intergenerational relationships, and multigenerational stories.

Episode 92.5Extra Credit: The Things I’d Do For a New Melina Marchetta Book

This week, Tirzah discusses Melina Marchetta's YA backlist and offers a few different entry points!

Episode 92Everything Is Feudal Europe

Hannah and Tirzah talk about exciting news from Disney-Hyperion and then dive into standalone high fantasy.

Episode 91.5Extra Credit: Coming Soon to a Podcast and VOD Near You

Hannah gives a preview of some of the books she and Tirzah plan on reading (or revisiting) this summer, prior to watching the video on-demand screen adaptations.

Episode 91I Found Myself in Walmart

Hannah and Tirzah give a lesson on the history of publishing's paperback and hardcover divide, then talk about small and indie presses.

Episode 90.5Extra Credit: It’s Too On the Nose

Happy Poetry Month! Hannah dives into twenty years' worth of narrative verse--and a little standalone poetry, too.

Episode 90Abraham Lincoln Was Gay!

Hannah and guest Tirzah recommend a number of YA books that hit many of the Read Harder challenge tasks.