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All The Books

Episode 163 This week, Liberty and Rebecca discuss The Great Believers, Wicked and the Wallflower, Old in Art School, and more great ...


Episode 13 In 1975, Truman Capote published a short story in Esquire magazine that led a New York socialite to commit suicide and the fallout effectively ended Capote's literary career. This is the story of the story, "La Cote Basque 1965."

For Real

Episode 8 This week, Kim and Alice do a recap of some of the best nonfiction of Book Expo America, the publishing ...

Get Booked

Episode 137 Amanda and Jenn discuss Octavia Butler read-alikes in this week’s episode of Get Booked. This episode is sponsored by Number ...

Hey YA

Episode 20 Eric and Kelly highlight some of the latest news in the world of YA, talk about where the books about ...

Read or Dead

Episode 27 In honor of the one year anniversary of the podcast, Katie and Rincey reminisce a bit and each pick up a book that they heard about because of the podcast.

SFF Yeah!

Episode 28 Sharifah and Jenn discuss adaptations for Carmen Maria Machado and Victor LaValle, a cosplay ball, aspirational characters in SFF, and more!

The Podcast

Episode 265 This week, Jeff and Rebecca discuss Anthony Bourdain’s legacy (literary and otherwise), the book Bill Gates is gifting to college ...

When In Romance

Episode 11 Jess and Trisha are joined by special guest co-host Sarah MacLean, and the three of them discuss what might be “taboo” in romance; what should definitely be off-limit in romance (spoiler alert: it is still Nazis and it will always be Nazis); and recommend some great romances with LGBTQA+ characters for Pride Month.


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