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Bookish Items to Help You Manage Your TBR List

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Katie Moench


Katie Moench is a librarian, runner, and lover of baked goods. A school librarian in the Upper Midwest, Katie lives with her husband and dog and spends her free time drinking coffee, trying new recipes, and adding to her TBR.

Tackling their to-be-read, or TBR, list can be a challenge for almost every reader. While a stacked TBR list is a thing of great promise (just think of all the books waiting to be read and loved!), it also drives home the fact that, no matter what, we will always have books that pass us by. And, for many readers who hoard their books, whether on their shelves or their ereaders, managing their to-be-read piles can be a reading task in and of itself. Luckily, Book Riot is here to help with some gorgeous products that will allow you to track, organize, and move through your TBR list to find your next great book.

Whether you want a fashionable, pastel label to indicate a to-be-read shelf for your books, a deck of gorgeously illustrated tarot cards to help you pick out your next romance read, a do-it-yourself jar from which to draw book suggestions, or a fun board game to compete with your reading friends, you’ll find it here. Let these bookish goodies help you manage your TBR list so that you can get to reading — and find your next great book!

Canvas basket with TBR printed on side containing books

If one of your main TBR problems is containing it, try out this personalized TBR canvas tote. $21

Wood crate containing books with "to be read" stenciled on the side

Another TBR containment option: this beautiful wood crate! $44

to be read vinyl sticker on rolling cart with books in it

If you already have a place to put your books, designate a shelf as to-be-read with this vinyl sticker. $5

TBR stand with books and a moon etched on the front

Keep your next reads upright with this wooden TBR stand. $18

Three To Be Read signs in pastel colors being held by a hand

Designated shelves, baskets, or just book piles as To Be Read with these pretty signs. $17+

Three books in a stack with a black and white sign on top reading "next on my tbr"

Line up the next books you want to read with this cute” next on my TBR” sign! $15

Four bookmarks with small squares of scratch off

If you can’t decide what to read next, try one of these TBR scratch-off bookmarks that you can order in the genre of your choice. $6+

Clear jar with a stencil that says TBR surrounded by stars. Jar is filled with folded sips of paper.

Pick your next read with this TBR jar! Simply list the books you want to read on the included slips of paper, and then draw one whenever you’re looking for what to read next! $18+

acrylic, book shaped tiles

For a reusable option, try out these acrylic, book-shaped tiles to draw your TBR list from. $12

Pink clipboard with printed TBR board game on it

Gamify your TBR with this printable board game that has plenty of fun prompts to keep you reading. $7

Hand holding three small cards that have reading prompts on them

If you’re a horror reader, check out this deck of TBR cards to draw from. Not a fan of scary books? No worries, the shop has plenty of other genres as well! $30

Tarot style cards spread out on a pink background. Each card has an illustration and a reading prompt

If you’re a romantasy fan, check out this tarot-themed deck of TBR cards. $18

TBR notebook with rainbow cover. Matching deck of cards in box.

If you want to track your TBR and get suggestions for what to read next, pick up this TBR notebook and cards bundle. $26

Hopefully, one or more of these goods for managing your TBR list helps you keep reading and discovering good books! To further organize your reading life, check out these bookish planner supplies and these annotation tools.