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34 Middle-earth Map Decorations to Show Off Your Lord of the Rings Love

34 Middle-earth map decorations that will show off your love of Lord of the Rings, from prints and pillows to wallets and necklaces.

Book Fetish: Volume 445

The best bookish gear for your literary lifestyle.

Gifts For Readers Who Love Books and Cats

The purrfect goods for readers who fall in the center of the "loves books" and "loves cats" Venn diagram. Meow!

MY HERO ACADEMIA Merch Items to Make you Squeal

Right now is the perfect time to buy new My Hero Academia merch, in between rewatching and getting ready for the new season.

Show Your Pride With These Lesbian Pulp Decorations and Accessories!

If you like kitschy lesbian pulp covers from the '50s, you'll love these lesbian pulp stickers, mugs, blankets, T-shirts, and more!

Book Fetish: Volume 444

The best bookish gear for your literary lifestyle.

All Things Typewriter Fetish For Fans of Old School Goods

If you love typewriters, this roundup of goods featuring typewriters will be . . . just your type.

The Best Horror Book Subscriptions

When you think of the perfect book box, do you imagine it dripping red onto the floor? If so, these creepy horror book subscriptions are for you.

HOWL’S MOVING CASTLE Gifts That Will Capture Your Heart

In love with Diana Wynne Jones's classic fantasy novel? Indulge in your fandom with these charming Howl's Moving Castle gifts.

Book Fetish: Volume 443

The best bookish gear for your literary lifestyle.