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Book Fetish: Volume 456

The best bookish gear for your literary lifestyle.

Literary Gifts for Mystery Lovers

Celebrate all things mystery with these awesome literary gifts for mystery lovers, from stickers to keychains and more.

DIY Book Nook Shelf Inserts to Liven Up Your Bookcases

Book nooks are book-sized inserts that are essentially mini-dioramas. These are some of my favorite DIY book nook shelf inserts!

Book Racks, Rope Swing Shelves, and Other Hanging Bookshelves

These hanging bookshelves include boho macrame shelves, industrial book racks, and other suspended book displays.

15 Book Nook Shelf Inserts That Are Just Too Cool

The best book nook shelf inserts, ranging from beautifully simple silhouettes inspired by children's books to creepy horror scenes.

Book Fetish: Volume 455

The best bookish gear for your literary lifestyle.

Bookish Goods for Plant Lovers

These book and plant lover goods will have plant parents and book lovers spending a little more time with both.

Build Your Dream Library In Miniature With These Dollhouse Bookcases

Why not design your own custom library on a small scale? A dollhouse library is definitely less expensive than the full size version!

Book Fetish: Volume 454

The best bookish gear for your literary lifestyle.

For The Love of GOOSEBUMPS

Long time fan or new reader of RL Stine's Goosebumps? Tap into all things scary with this roundup of Goosebumps goods.