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9 of the Best Bookish Gifts for Poetry Lovers

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Ashlie Swicker


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There are currently many reasons for poetry lovers to rejoice. April is National Poetry Month. Taylor Swift just announced an album about poets. And, spring is unofficially Mary Oliver season.

But why poems?

Poetry can help us relate to others, find personal strength, or just remind us how to feel when a lot of our favorite coping mechanisms are designed to make us numb. There is no bad time to embrace poetry, but right now might be better than ever. While I suggest reading poetry as the quickest way to get the benefits you need, there is always the wonderful secondhand hit of joy gained from great poetry gifts.

Whether you’re looking for items to support a diehard poetry lover or you’re new to the genre and easing into the swag, there are endless options. Ten seconds on Etsy can flood your senses with nods to the greats, and a little more digging will open up even more interesting options.

Below, I’ve gathered some old faithfuls with clever poetry links — there are mugs, shirts, and stickers to help you revel in your love of poetry and let others know where you stand. Whether you want a journal to draft your couplets or a shirt with poetry puns, there is something here for everyone. Check it out!

black and white sticker that reads "aggressively writes poetry"

For the poet in your life, this sticker celebrates the act of channeling those feelings into the power of words! $4

light colored sticker in the style of a tarot card, with a picture of an anatomically correct heart and the words "the poet"

I’m a huge fan of tarot-themed gifts, and the macabre anatomical heart on this sticker is the perfect counterpart to the soft colors and twinkly stars in the illustration. $4

a clear glass mug with black lettering and a black line drawing of flowers blooming out of an open book. The lettering reads "All's Fair in Love and Poetry"

It’s hard to know if Swiftie references will stay relevant or if this mug will date this round-up, but we absolutely cannot have a poetry list without at least one mention of The Tortured Poets Department. $18

a white ceramic mug with a rustic design of a lamp shining on top of a book with the word "poetry" on the spine

Swinging to the opposite end of the spectrum, many poetry lovers will be drawn to the rustic style of this handcrafted lamp and poetry mug. $35

a blue covered book in a vintage style, with silver floral embellishment and the words "the poetic words of your name" on the cover

Are you ready to write your own missives from the depths of your heart? Whether you’re planning to share with the world or simply want to hold your thoughts in style, this personalized journal is a perfect vessel for your poetry! $25

a white tshirt with all black printing. In large letters it says "poetry is self care," and smaller icon images with text below are laid out in a grid format.

The presentation: flawless. The message: timeless. Get this Poetry is Self-Care shirt today. $23+

a black tshirt with white printing. A stylized image of a person with long hair and a bird flying out of their face is above a sappho quote

This breathtaking image adds to the power of the Sappho quote beneath it. This shirt truly has it all. Wearable poetry? Automatic yes. $24+

A white sweatshirt with an image of a bird perched on a stack of books and the words "Edgar Allen Poe-Try Club"

Three cheers for silliness, especially when you can make Poe chuckle-worthy. This sweatshirt will help you find like-minded literary folk out in the world. If they get it, you should get to know them! $35+

a letterpress print in cream and black with an Amanda Gorman quote and decorative border

Ending on an empowering quote from the powerhouse herself, Amanda Gorman. $15 (Check out this shop for many gorgeous poetry prints — I wish I could have added more.)

Hopefully, you’ve found something to satisfy the poetry lover in your life — be it yourself or someone else. Looking for more poetry? Check out this article covering Instagram poetry accounts. Happy reading!

Editor’s note: this has post has been edited since publication