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12 Unique Bookmarks to Save Your Place

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Vanessa Diaz

Managing Editor

Book Riot Managing Editor Vanessa Diaz is a writer and former bookseller from San Diego, CA whose Spanish is even faster than her English. When not reading or writing, she enjoys dreaming up travel itineraries and drinking entirely too much tea. She is a regular co-host on the All the Books podcast who especially loves mysteries, gothic lit, mythology/folklore, and all things witchy. Vanessa can be found on Instagram at @BuenosDiazSD or taking pictures of pretty trees in Portland, OR, where she now resides.

You’ve heard this story before, maybe told it a time or two: I have too many bookmarks. I’ve been a reader my whole life and that life is nearly four decades long: between the ones I’ve bought, the ones I’ve “borrowed,” and the one’s I’ve been gifted, that stack is thick. Does that stop me from buying more? C’mon now. You know me better than that.

The bookmarks that always catch my eye aren’t your typical paper rectangle versions (sssh, don’t tell them I said so). If a bookmark has a fun shape or texture, is made with cool materials, or is just about any kind of shiny, I’m intrigued. The selections I have for you below include a beautiful floral bat wing, an adorable felt mouse, a leather raven, and even some chickens! They’re all special in their own way and will keep those pages warm while you’re away.

a single bat wing bookmark in a clear floral design
image by Etsy seller Dark Veinlet

I love goth stuff made pretty like this floral bat wing bookmark. Thinking about getting it as a tattoo. $8

velvet ribbon bookmark. a cat charm hangs form one end, and the letter H on the other
image by Etsy seller BarbaraJeanDesign

How cute is that little dude! You can personalize this cat ribbon bookmark with your initial for just $10.

clear ghost bookmark inside of a book
image by Etsy seller DarkVeinlet

I love the idea of opening up a book and finding a little ghostie in the pages. A book boo, if you will (I’ll see myself out). $8

a felt mouse bookmark where the mouse, who is holding a book, appears to be perched on the top of a book
image by Etsy seller CozyMilArt

This felt mouse bookmark is on the pricier end for a bookmark, but look at him with his little book! and his little glasses! and his little self! $40

assortment of hollow metal floral bookmarks, including a marigold, dahlia, and a gingko leaf. each is gold in hue.
image by Etsy seller LotusandBambooCrafts

These gold metal floral bookmarks are so pretty and delicate. They’re like jewelry for your books, and they deserve. $9

leather hummingbird bookmark
image by Etsy seller Lumiya Creations

I love the colors in this hummingbird bookmark. It’s leather, handmade, and perfect for nature lovers. $10

a brass bookmark in the shape of a snake. In the body of the snake are the words "look like the innocent flower but be the serpent under't"
image by Etsy seller LiteraryEmporium

This one had me at “golden serpent,” then I saw the Shakespeare. Go off, Lady Mac. $11

a black leather bookmark in the shape of a ravem
image by Etsy seller LumiyaCreations

It is one of my life’s goals to con a crow or raven into being my familiar. True story. So far my attempts have been unsuccessful, but this gorgeous leather raven bookmark will do for now. $11

an orca bookmark made of leather inside an ope book
image by Etsy seller LumiyaCreations

I want this leather orca bookmark just to commemorate the great Orcanizing of 2023. Respect! $11

six woodcut rose bookmarks in assorted colors. each bookmark contains five rosebuds
image by Etsy seller TheBookishDen

These wooden rose bookmarks are simple but lovely. They’re handmade and engraved on stained basswood, and come in a set of six. $9

three yellow silicone chicken bookmarks inside an open book
image by Etsy seller SillyHubUK

One of these things is not like the other. Here’s some silicone chickens. $15

silver sword clip bookmark inside a book
image by Etsy seller SleevesbyAnastasia

Lastly, some more book jewelry, but stabbier. These sword bookmarks are clip-ons and come in a pack of three of four, and you can pick from three different variety packs. $16

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