CRITICAL LINKING: November 10, 2011

Our daily round-up of bookish links. Tastes great with coffee.


“I love Breaking Bad. I have a thing for Friday Night Lights. Of course I like The Wire, like everyone else in my demographic. I like football on TV. I saw pretty much every episode of Law & Order for its first eleven seasons.”

+.5 points to my Confidence Index for HBO’s adaptation of The Corrections.


“What this means to me is that the book has found its readership, and that it has been received as a serious entry into the (highly relevant, today) public debate over the ethical and political philosophy of Ayn Rand. I’m very proud and happy about this. Maybe this is what success looks like.”

Levi Asher considers the pleasures of self-publishing.


“These are the readers for whom literature remains as dead as ever, and they are the majority. But when was it ever not thus?”

So if literature is the zombie of the arts (dead but still walking), does that make reality TV the vampires (feasting on us to stay alive)?


“use “fewer” to refer to countable nouns and “less” to refer to non-countable nouns”

I wish I had spent less time reading fewer of these entries.

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