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6 Themed Cookbooks to Spice Up Mealtime

I'm a sucker for a theme, especially as applied to food and family meals. Here are six themed cookbooks to spice up meal time.

D23 Expo 2019 Released Exclusive Marvel Comic #1000, Six Disney Books and more!

A Disney fan attended the 2019 D23 Expo and brought back some bookish highlights and news on releases from Disney Books.

Reading The Amazing, Bizarre MICKEY’S INFERNO

On the bizarre mashup of Disney's Mickey Mouse (and Goofy) and Dante Alighieri's INFERNO that is the comic book MICKEY'S INFERNO.

#MakeMulanRight: A Reading List

Want more Mulan and less whitewashing? Check out this #MakeMulanRight reading list full of Chinese authors.

Here in Duckburg: Where to Start with Disney Duck Comics

If you’ve been reading comics for a while, you may have seen people praising Uncle Scrooge or Donald Duck comics, ...

Disney Attractions that Should Be Comics

A few weeks ago at the giant Disney expo, D23, a lot of new and exciting announcements were made regarding ...

Off-Panel: Star Wars Theme Park Announced

Our daily round-up of news around the comics space, from the gutters and beyond. Comic books have been around since ...

Read Harder: Anthropomorphic Animals (for Paul)

The Panels 2015 Read Harder Challenge consists of 26 challenge categories spanning the breadth and depth of all things that ...

Testing the Penguin Holiday Hotline with Disney Princesses

Every now and again, I think about some of my favorite Disney characters and what we would do if we ...

Literary Tourism: Tokyo

Whenever people ask me what there is to do in Japan, or specifically, Tokyo, my usual response is “There’s something ...

CREATIVITY INC by Ed Catmull and Amy Wallace: A Review

It didn’t start out on purpose, but so few things of great interest truly do. It was winter break, I ...