Zachary Littrell

Zach comes from Maryland, greets people with "Howdy!," and is happy to talk with anybody about books and mathematics. And as someone who keeps a hammock in his living room, he’s an expert at hearing people say, “Oh cool, is that a hammock in your living room?” Twitter: @AnAnteaterMaybe

4 Books By Real Star-Cross’d Lovers

"Yeah, all of these stories are tremendous bummers. Yet we read, and even clamor, for these sort of true stories." Yearning for real stories of star-cross'd lovers? Start here.

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Also known as Weiqi, Paduk, Baduk, or Igo--the game of Go has appeared in books but surprising and expected. Check out these books and the game of Go!

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Reading The Amazing, Bizarre MICKEY’S INFERNO

On the bizarre mashup of Disney's Mickey Mouse (and Goofy) and Dante Alighieri's INFERNO that is the comic book MICKEY'S INFERNO.

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A look at the wacky, often nonsensical, sometimes touching novels "written" by computers for National Novel Generation Month.

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Why I Never Change My Book Reviews (Except…)

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