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Get to Know DC’s Titans

Who are the Titans? Get to know each of the characters we'll meet in season one of DC Universe's upcoming show, TITANS, and watch the trailer from SDCC.

The New DC/Vertigo: “Fighting a War to Tell Stories”

The authors and artists of the new DC/Vertigo are fighting a war to tell stories. They win. We win. This is the power of comics.

Aquaman: Batman But Wetter

Which one is left shark.

Magical ‘Mystik U:’ An Interview with Alisa Kwitney

DC’s three episode mini-series, Mystik U, follows everyone’s favorite backwards talking spellcaster, Zatana Zatara, to an unexpected place: college. Sent back in time after ...

Brian Michael Bendis Moves to DC, But What Does He Have in Store for Us?

Brian Michael Bendis is making the move to DC Comics. Let's imagine some of the books Bendis might write for DC.

15 Superpowered Ladies to Fangirl Over

Because we just can't get enough of these awesome, crime fighting, Nazi-punching women. Here are some superpowered ladies to get amped about.

Who Are The Bat Women? Part 2

Prev: Who Are The Bat Women? Part 1 There are more to the bat women than meets the eye. As ...

Who Are the Bat Women? Part 1

Question for #Batgirl fans: Is Batwoman the mother of Batgirl, and is there a Bat Boy (apart from Robin)? — ...

Comics About Kickass DC Ladies Who Aren’t Wonder Woman

If you love Wonder Woman, you will definitely want to check out her fellow badass women peers from the DC universe.

DEADMAN: DARK MANSION OF FORBIDDEN LOVE is the Queer Gothic Romance Comic We’ve Always Wanted

Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love by Sarah Vaughn and Lan Medina is the queer gothic romance comic we've been waiting for.

Why We Need Wonder Woman (And More Like Her!)

Give us more empowering comic book heroines on the big screen. Because we need them.

Where We Can Go After Wonder Woman

The Wonder Woman movie has opened the door for future kick-ass female superhero movies. Here's what we'd like to see.

WONDER WOMAN Will Return for a Sequel

Actress Gal Gadot and director Patty Jenkins are officially contracted for a second WONDER WOMAN film in an entirely new setting!

10 Must-See Amazing Action Figure Photographs

Make your day awesome by scrolling through this amazing action figure photographs that bring superheroes and villains to life.

Book Fetish: Volume 245, Comics Edition

This week’s Book Fetish is sponsored by The Legend of Zelda™: Art & Artifacts. The Legend of Zelda™: Art & Artifacts contains ...