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POWERLESS: The Good, The Eh, and What I Want to See

Looking for a new show to watch? POWERLESS is quirky, clever, and funny.

THE LEGEND OF WONDER WOMAN’s Cancellation And Silencing Criticism

DC's cancellation of The Legend of Wonder Woman has the effect of silencing comic creators and critics trying to combat the comics industry's sexism.

Spider Jerusalem Is The Hero I Need Right Now

Spider Jerusalem is a truth-telling, badass journalist in an era of political corruption.

DC’s REBIRTH as a Casual Comics Reader

Swapna gives her take on DC Comics' REBIRTH event as a casual DC Comics reader.

DC’s Young Animal Round-up, Part One

Thomas and Charles take a look at two series from DC Comics' Young Animal imprint and give you their thoughts.

75 Wonder Woman Products to Celebrate 75 Years of Wonder Woman

To celebrate Wonder Woman's 75th anniversary, Jamie presents 75 Wonder Woman items you should take a look at!

Will Flashpoint Be Better on TV Than it Was in Print?

The Flashpoint event in 2011 did not play out so well in print. Here's hoping it will be better on screen.

PREZ’s Corndog Girl Is the President We Need

Take a break from the realities of election season with this smart, hilarious satire.

What’s On Your Pull List? August 10, 2016

Priya Sridhar discusses what comics she's looking forward to this week, which include Golden Age Batman, two bickering sisters, and fantasy tributes.

To See or Not to See? That is the Suicide Squad Question

With Suicide Squad premiering this week to mixed reviews and controversy, Priya Sridhar discusses reasons for and against seeing the film.

Reading Through Rebirth: Month Two

Jess takes a look at the second month of DC's Rebirth releases.

The Killing Joke’s Impact And Why It Must Fade

Priya Sridhar discusses the impact of the graphic novel The Killing Joke in how it defined the grim and gritty Joker, and his victims like Barbara Gordon.

5 Best DC Graphic Novels

Eric really loves these graphic novels from DC Comics. What are your favorites?

Stephanie Brown and DC’s Treatment of Female Characters

Priya discusses the poor treatment of Stephanie Brown in DC Comics' history.

Why DC Needs to Move on From Alan Moore

DC's refusal to move on from Watchmen and The Killing Joke is alienating new audiences, disrespecting diverse readers and holding their comics back.