Jane Austen Finds New Fans in Modern White Supremacists: Critical Linking, March 22, 2017

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The white supremacists eulogizing Austen aren’t so much interested in the writer or her work as they are in what her name and aesthetic evoke for them: a whiter, purer, simpler time.

The “alt-right” (modern white supremacists) are finding love for the work of Jane Austen, which they also have not actually read, aparently.

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, the Nigerian novelist and feminist, has condemned a “language orthodoxy” on the political left after she endured a vitriolic backlash over comments about transgender women.

All our faves are problematic.

After crosschecking 50 classic and bestselling authors against Christine Ammer’s The Dictionary of Clichés, Blatt found that the crime writer took top prize for most clichés. Certain literary writers known for pushing the style envelope weren’t far behind, however. Kurt Vonnegut, James Joyce (rather surprisingly), and Zadie Smith also deployed well over 100 clichés per 100,000 words.

The writer who uses the most cliches? James Patterson.

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