Can You Name The Best-Selling Book Title From The Visual Riddle?: Today in Critical Linking

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Can You Name The Best-Selling Book Title From The Visual Riddle?

Not too tough, but still a fun literary game to get the day going.


Fans of Haruki Murakami rushed to Japanese bookstores Friday to get his latest work with an esoteric title.

“Kishidancho Goroshi,” or “Killing Commendatore,” is a two-part story about a 36-year-old portrait painter and what happens after his wife divorces him and he moves into an old house on a mountainside west of Tokyo. The mysterious events include meeting a neighbor and finding the painting that shares the book’s title.

No country to my knowledge anticipates the release of an author’s work like Japan anticipates a new Haruki Murakami book.


“We thought it would kind of fun to do mug shots, so people can come in and we made a little fake plaque that says  ‘Reads banned books’ and we take the photos in black and white and then they have a mug shot promoting that they also believe strongly in intellectual freedom,” said Megan Cameron, a technology programming assistant at the Truro branch of the Colchester – East Hants Public Library.

Good idea, though it used to be that this was kind of hyperbole, but it seems less and less far-fetched to imagine.

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