Book Fetish: Volume 165

Overflowing Shelves Print: This print is my go-to gift during wedding season, because it makes for a great blessing for a new couple in a new house.

may your shelves overflow print

Lolita Tote Bag: Bedecked with possible the most famous passage from Lolita, this tote is perfect for carrying to all your late-night interludes.


Eloise Pendant Necklace: Keep your love of this oft-forgotten Kay Thompson classic close to your heart.

eloise library pendant

Magic Spells Leggings:  You definitely won’t look Riddikulus in a pair of Harry Potter tights.

harry potter spells leggings

We’re All Stories Mug: Quoting Doctor Who is never a bad bet when it comes to story telling.

we're all stories Doctor who mug


Pre-order your own “Do You Even Read, Bro?” tank from the Book Riot Store!

bro final

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