Book Fetish: Volume 149

Harry Potter Quilt Pattern: Pretty much everyone in the U.S. (except you, California. You can just go away) is sick of winter at this point. The ONLY upshot for book lovers is the excuse to stay in with a good book. Curl up under a quilt, themed with everyone’s favorite magical series. Granted you have to make it yourself (or hex someone to do it for you.)

Harry Potter Quilt Pattern

Plotting Fiction Genres Print: Ever wanted to map the connection between science fiction and cyber punk? Find it and so many more genre links in this brilliant print. (Click through to zoom and see the whole, detailed thing).

plotting of fiction genres print chart

Lord of the Flies Clutch: Got a spare 1400 bucks? If you do, than you too can own this gorgeous book clutch based on the William Golding classic by designer Olympia Le-Tan.

olympia le tan lord of the flies book clutch olympia le tan lord of the flies book clutch 2


The Whos Tee Shirt: Your kids have no idea who Pete, Roger, John, or Keith are, but Horton? They’ll throw devil horns up for him.

the whos kids shirt

Watermelon Corner Bookmark: Invoke summer with a cute fruit placeholder (don’t like watermelon? Pick kiwi, orange or lemon instead.)

watermelon corner bookmark


Stay snuggly with these cozy Book Riot hoodies!


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