Critical Linking: February 7, 2015



A really nice guide to books your kids would love based on their favorite television show.


What book lover doesn’t cherish warm memories of browsing stacks at her college, or attending story time in his hometown? The knowledge housed in libraries can be a comfort, but the delights to be had when visiting them are many. Getting lost in their literary treasures is uniquely satisfying, but they are also places that radiate aesthetic beauty, often showcasing bold architectural experiments.

16 beautiful libraries as seen through Instagram. I’m really feeling the card catalog at the Library of Parliament in Ottawa.


But it’s not cool to read a massive book, I hear you say. Um, yes it is! If all the modern hipster types can sit on the London Underground reading original Penguin classics, why can’t you? If Tom Hiddlestone can earn a double first in Classics at Cambridge and then go on to play a Marvel villain, why can’t you read a love story and still be a kick-butt cool kid? Last week I spent extortionate amounts of money on makeup and clothes, and I’m still sat here with a Bronte novel!

A teenager talks about why teens — and non-teens! — should read classic novels.


So which literary heroine are you? I got Lizzy Bennet.


When you enter your library, try not to rush around with the aim of getting out as quickly as possible. Sometimes, a short visit may be all you can manage but if you have the time, make the most of it! Let little ones explore the bookshelves at their own pace and take a look at the displays and recommended books on offer.  Chat to the librarians for more recommended reads or just to find out more about more about what’s happening in the library. Above all, cherish this time dedicated to the joys of books and reading. Enjoy the break from your busy routine and make the most of all the unique things your local library has to offer.

It’s National Libraries Day in the UK, but this post about how to get the most out of a library trip applies any day.



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