Book Fetish: Volume 125

Kate Spade + The Strand Tote: We love everything bookish that Kate Spade does, so of course their partnership with indie bookstore The Strand yields some amazing stuff, like this tote.

kate spade strand tote


Fountain Pen Cufflinks: For the writer in your life (or yourself), a couple of nibs to decorate your cuffs.



Doctor Who Adventure Tee: What better combination than our favorite doctor, a Blue Box and those classic Choose Your Own Adventure books?

choose your own adventure doctor who tee


Open Book Earrings: Silver charms for silver stories.

open book silver earrings

Literary Canada Map: Most of the literary maps featured in the Fetish are modern creations, but this one is a reproduction of a 1936 map by William Arthur Deacon, created to chart the country’s history of the written word.

literary map of canada


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