Critical Linking: May 28th, 2014


Recently, we noticed a number of literary homes up for sale. It seems criminal to keep that information to ourselves, so here are the homes of eight famous writers that you can purchase right now. We’ll be waiting for those dinner invitations.

Can’t decide if I want Norman Mailer’s house or Thomas Mann’s house more.


Bestsellers, writes Illouz, “are likely to be texts that encode problematic social conditions – that is, social conditions that threaten individuals’ capacity to pursue certain central goals, be they satiety, happiness, or material wealth”. In James’s case, the storyline of Fifty Shades “stages many of the aporias of the sexual relationships between men and women”, she believes, with the sadomasochistic relationship at its heart “both a symbolic solution for and a practical technique to overcome these aporias”.

Never trust anyone who uses the word “aporia.”


Would you ever purchase a book from a vending machine?

Muzu, a publisher based in Poland, crafted and unleashed three such machines with the polish translation of Haruki Murakami’sColourless Tsukuru Tazaki and the Year of His Pilgrimage for sale. According to the Haruki Murakami Stuff blog, these vending machines were set up in train stations located in Warsaw, Poznan, and Wroclaw.




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