Critical Linking: August 13, 2013

And I was thinking, ‘Yes! But it’s Thomas Pynchon, so wake up!’ And when this long, affable evening came to an end I thought now we are sort of friends, and every so often we will see each other. And he never called again, from that day to this.”

Salman Rushdie on almost falling asleep during his evening with Thomas Pynchon, on the comedic moments during his fatwah and other quite interesting things.


“We’re looking for as much flexibility as we can get that still allows us to provide adequate staffing levels,” said Gregg Betheil, an executive director of academic and talent management for the DOE.

I love it when spokespeople say things that don’t mean anything at all. Except perhaps in this case, where it means fewer librarians for public schools.


You’ve read the book – now try the underwear.

Fifty Shades lingerie. I’m just surprised this wasn’t out sooner.


It was interesting to learn that interest in cities is always constant, while differing from era to era. Also, there’s much to be said on historical facts, and books written about cities.

About the following, really quite interesting infographic:



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