Critical Linking: June 12th, 2013



Sales of George Orwell’s “1984” are up 69 percent on Amazon, according to a list on the website. The book marked its 60th anniversary on June 6 amid a flurry of real-world news stories on secret government surveillance.

Maybe the time to read 1984 was maybe before all this stuff, eh?


A week after Colorado booksellers challenged a law restricting the display of magazines about marijuana, the State of Colorado has agreed not to enforce it. Lawyers for the state acknowledged that the law requiring the magazines to be displayed behind the counter is unconstitutional.

Always good to weed out the bad laws from time to time.


The Russian book publishing industry is on the verge of big changes, as the national government has announced plans to provide more than $100 million of support for its development until 2018, which is expected to take place as part of the federal target program “Culture of Russia.”

From one perspective, a huge influx of government money into publishing seems like a good idea. But then, there’s also something weird about programs called “Culture of X.”


It’s about book covers. And booksellers. And librarians. And readers. And cosplayers. And convention-goers. It’s about ensuring that everybody gets to play. It’s about making sure we’re talking to our whole audience and that we’re not contributing to a culture of imbalance and victimization and prejudice. This is lateral. This is everywhere. Pay attention.

This post is about sexism, but could be about just about any other cultural representation.


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