Critical Linking: January 23, 2013


The 365 chapters of the text are shown with small segments on the inner ring of the circle with the first chapter appearing at the top and proceeding clockwise from there. The outer ring shows how the chapters are grouped into books of the novel and the book titles are shown as well. The words in the middle are connected using lines of the same color to the chapters where they are used.

Somewhere there is some crazy fan who has seen the musical a hundred times saying “Whoa. Settle down fella.


Are today’s retirees “the” generation that built this country? No. Is there anyone arguing that America must choose between the binary options caring for the elderly and investing in the children?

No one is a bigger fan of close reading than I am. So this is what I am reading today instead of looking at slideshows from the inaugural balls.


My study is full of books, on shelves, desks, couches, floor, and they have spread through the house. I have two offices full of books, two storage units, my distributor’s warehouse. In how many places is that: five! What if I were rid of all of them, if the transition to the electronic book were so complete there would be no need for the physical book at all? Would I feel free, unencumbered, happy?

I recently cut my personal library in half, and it feels good. Though perhaps that says more about the kinds of books I was keeping around than it says about the sheer volume of books we keep.


The Great American Novelist tournament: opening matches

A British paper is having a GAN tourney. Does anyone even think about The Great British Novelist? Or is just “Dickens”?


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