Critical Linking: December 15, 2012

Be aware that for some kids they may never think about this again, while others may have nightmares or manifest their anxiety in other ways.  Both are normal reactions.

Reading Rainbow’s Levar Burton on talking about tragedy with your children.


Tolkien’s world may not be the same as our own, Auden wrote in a 1956 review of the author’s work for the New York Times, but it’s a world “of intelligible law, not mere wish,” that represents our own reality. 

And to think, there was a time when The Hobbit was nothing more than a kid’s book.


If Jackson had simply taken The Hobbit’s text at face value, we would have wound up with one short film that was at complete odds tonally with the other three films he had created. So Jackson pulled from extra material that Tolkien left us and knitted it together. He grounded Bilbo’s story in context

So this is where the two extra movies came from. Good to know.


Now, Pinterest and Martha Stewart would have us believe that any jackass with twenty minutes to spare can fashion a plethora of magical holiday décor using only pipe cleaners and sheer force of will, but we recognize the spuriousness of those claims.

You also need a hot glue gun.


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