Critical Linking: September 28, 2012


Eugenides goes on to say that there are “extremely worthy novelists” who aren’t getting any attention.

I can think of some folks who are getting plenty of attention.


But literature is not a museum; new writers emerge and the tradition evolves.

I like this dude.


Hachette confirmed that the problem was on its end, not Amazon’s, and that the problem was across all ebook retailers.

I mean, it’s alright to screw up the ebook version of your new release. It’s not like it’s the biggest fiction release of the fall or anything. OH WAIT.


Baseball offers the patriotic symbiosis of a pastoral playground within an urban setting, where generations can come together and watch the purest corporate distillation of a game played, packaged, and televised from Little League up to the major leagues.

Baseball is the most literary sport: slow, full of arcana, and engendering hard-core fans.




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