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QUIZ: What Graphic Novel Should You Read Next?

Looking for your new favorite graphic novel? Take our graphic novel quiz and get the perfect recommendation for your personal tastes!

YA Graphic Novels Hitting Shelves April–June 2019

We've got a whole slew of incoming Marvel, DC, and original graphic novels for your spring 2019 YA graphic novels TBR list!

I Need More Older Found Friendships In My Comic Books

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In light of Batman turning 80 this year, here are some Batman books for kids and any reader interested in the iconic superhero.

10 Graphic Memoirs for People Whose Parents Kept Secrets and Told Lies

Struggling with the knowledge that your parents didn't tell you the truth when you needed to hear it? These graphic memoirs prove you are not alone!

5 Graphic Novels and Memoirs for People Who Say They Don’t Like Graphic Novels and Memoirs

Take a look at this list of graphic novels and memoirs for novices and people who think they don't like graphic novels and memoirs.

YA Graphic Novels Coming Out January-March 2019

A Friendly Reminder that Comic Books Still Count as Reading

On the argument that comic books count as reading. Many people feel comic books aren't real books when the opposite is true.

9 Comics for D&D, Tabletop RPG, and Fantasy Fans

Feel like expanding your reading tastes this Free Comic Book Day? Try some of these D&D-inspired comics!

3 On A YA Theme: Upcoming YA Graphic Novels

Pop these YA graphic novels onto your to-read list