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Middle Grade Graphic Novels to Lose Yourself In

From girls battling dragons to stories of summer camp, these graphic novels have beautiful art and text that’ll have you ready for more, like Wingbearer by Marjorie Liu, Teny Issakhanian.

8 of the Best Korean Graphic Novels

From translation to storyboards and recipes. Here's a list of 8 of the best Korean graphic novels you can read right now!

Read The Novel? You Should Read The Graphic Novel

Loved that novel? Why not try thee graphic novel next.

8 Fantastic Comics and Graphic Novels With Fat Representation

From superheroes in Faith to reluctant werewolves in Moonstruck  to steamy sapphic historical romance in Patience & Esther, these comics with fat representation have it all.

How Graphic Narratives Make My Illness Feel Seen

Being seen is powerful, and being seen when you have a mental illness in graphic narratives can change your entire world.

Graphic Novels and Graphic Nonfiction About Stuff You Should Care About

From feminism to mental health and current events, these graphic novels and graphic nonfiction books, like Paying the Land by Joe Sacco, can educate you on things that matter.

The Reader They Don’t Think They Are: Building A Reading Habit in Elementary-Aged Kids

It’s very possible that many people would have a healthier relationship with reading if exposed to different avenues as kids.

New Middle Grade Graphic Novels for Summer and Fall

These new middle grade graphic novels for summer and fall, including Tidesong by Wendy Xu, will keep your young readers — and you! — hooked.

Classics That I’d Love to See as Comics

What are some classics you'd like to see adapted into graphic novels? Here are some outstanding choices for the format.

9 Queer Adventure Comics

From seance tea parties to neo-westerns and portal fantasies, these queer adventure comics go beyond the coming out narrative.