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While you're counting down the days until DOCTOR WHO returns, pick up these DOCTOR WHO books — from Classic Who up until now!

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Time Travel Books: Characters that are out of their own time, loved ones left behind (or forward) in time, paradoxes. The angst goes on and on.

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The next series of Doctor Who is due to broadcast in 2020, so that leaves us with twelve whole months to ...

Tom Baker Has Written a New Doctor Who Novel

The beloved fourth incarnation of the Doctor, Tom Baker, will publish a Time Lord adventure next year entitled, SCRATCHMAN.

Books Your Favorite Doctor Who Companions Are Reading

While everyone bickers about who the best Doctor Who companion is, I'm over here thinking about what they're reading. Because of course they're all readers.

Books To Read Before The Return of DOCTOR WHO

Fill the time and space before the return of Doctor Who with our favourite Whovian books. Perfect for a nostalgic revisit and a celebration of the new era!

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BBC revealed the next star of Doctor Who: Jodie Whittaker. But who is going to write the comic?

In Praise of Expanded Universes

Why tie-in novels of sci-fi/fantasy/otherwise fictional universes are valuable.

Dirk Gently Was My First Doctor

Thomas discusses how it was actually Dirk Gently who was his first Doctor.