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LH Johnson

LH reads, writes and researches children’s books. She's also a librarian, blogger, and makes pretty amazing chocolate brownies. Cake and books, what’s not to love?

5 Wonderful Literary Tourism Guidebooks

From mountains to forests, national parks to diagonal alleys, the UK has it all. Here's some of our favourite literary tourism guidebooks.

The Little Free Library and the Latvian Embassy

This is the story of the Latvian Embassy Little Free Library--the first little free library based at an embassy in the capitol.

Finding, Quoting, and Learning to Love Virginia Woolf

Sometimes it takes me a long while to read a big author, let alone collect quotes from them. Virginia Woolf was one of those authors. She isn't now.

The Importance of Zines

Ever wonder what's up with zines and why do people read them? Here are some thoughts on the subject of why they're important works.

When Writing In Books Is Okay

When I hear people talk about writing in books, my mind always goes back to an old library customer. We ...

Introducing Seven Stories: The National Centre For Children’s Books

Find out all about Seven Stories: The National Centre for Children's Books in the United Kingdom.

Eva Ibbotson Got A Cover Glow Up

Eva Ibbotson has deserved brilliant covers for a very long time, and now, at last, she's got them.  Literary glow up achieved. 

Monochrome Your Life With These Black And White Book Posters

Living that monochromatic lifestyle? Here are some black and white book posters for your home decor plans.

An Anne Lister “Gentleman Jack” Reading List

Ever heard of Anne Lister (1791-1840)? Often referred to as the ‘first lesbian’ (an expression that requires some unpacking in ...

Judith Kerr Has Died

Judith Kerr, one of the great legends of children's books has passed away, and I want to tell you about her.

Nine Children’s Book Pins To Pick Up Now

I am a big fan of children’s book pins as they let you dress your outfit up with some of ...

Classic Children’s Books As Comics (And Why This Is A Good Thing)

When it comes to classics, it doesn’t matter how you read them. You could pick up  Manga Shakespeare, Emoji Pride And ...

Books That Look Like Avengers, Assemble!

It’s not everyday you pick up a book that looks like Captain Marvel, but there it was. I was holding ...

The Problem of the So-Called Forgotten Woman and Patriarchal Histories

In considering the problem of the forgotten woman label in historical books about women leaders of the past, a reader calls for women to be remembered.

4 Dressmaking Books For Every Body

I wanted dressmaking books that would help me learn how to cut a sleeve that didn't look like I'd closed my eyes and hoped for the best...