#Holiday Gifting 2021

Best Bookish Etsy Shops for Holiday Gifting

Looking for the perfect holiday gift for your favorite book lover (or yourself)? Here's a list of bookish Etsy shops to order from.

Only Slightly Foreboding: Aesthetic Dark Academia Gifts

For fans of all things boarding schools, Gothic, Greek, writing, literature, and romantic, dark academia gifts for book lovers.

Bookish Cosmetics & Perfumes

Treat yourself to bookish inspired cosmetics and perfumes; literary lip balms, eyeshadows, nail polish, and delicious scents galore!

Listen Up: Excellent Gifts for Audiobook Lovers

From stickers to mugs and awesome tees, show off your passion for listening with these sweet gifts for audiobook lovers.

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Find your perfect tarot or oracle deck that highlights diversity, inclusivity, and power for all.

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These reading accessories are great for making on-the-go reading a little easier or making home reading even cozier.

The Ultimate Guide to Book Stickers

Add these book stickers to your laptop, water bottle, Kitchenaid mixer, notebooks, or anywhere else.

Get Cozy In Your New Favorite Book Sweatshirts and Hoodies

Snuggle into these excellent book sweatshirts and bookish hoodies this cool weather reading season.

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18 Bookish Cottagecore Gifts

Fill your surroundings with these soothing, whimsical literary cottagecore gifts and make your home as cozy as it is bookish.